Manviss-Inspirational to be a different Chinese seller

Our company was established in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China in 2018, mainly engaged in the sale of wedding dresses. Today, the entire group sells products in various fields such as home, men's, and children's clothing in addition to women's clothing.The full name is Suzhou Manweisi Network Technology Co., Ltd.

We have registered the trademark of manviss in the United States, and we are inspired to grow into a global clothing company.

American trademark manviss


We solemnly warn that in addition to the Group's stores on ebay, Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart that can use this brand name, for other brands that use manviss fraudulently, we will use the laws of the United States and China to protect ourselves.

We have copyright authorization for all images on this website. Although these pictures have been widely spread on the Internet, if there are other related illegal acts, please report to us at

In addition to providing customers with standard products, we can change various requirements such as sleeves, collars, and patterns according to customer requirements, and can complete the DIY of clothing.Of course, you can also provide product pictures, we will imitate them, with cheaper raw materials and labor.

We also provide wholesale clothing, including accepting orders from foreign clothing companies

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