Here is a good guide on how to take your measurements. To get the right size, measure carefully, and update your measurements regularly.


Note:We generally use US sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. or S, M, L, XL to measure the size of clothes

First,On our product interface, there is a button "Size Chart", you need to click on it.It has two interfaces, one is all the size data of this cloth, and the other is size recommendation.

Click to "calculate my size",enter your height, weight, age, and we will make smart recommendations for you. If you know your detailed data, please click on the lower left corner of the picture.Click Continue and enter bra data.



Secondly, please fill in your requirements for the looseness of the clothes, and finally get the recommended size for you, and you can slide freely to check how well other sizes fit your body.


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